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Aluminum Wiring

Wherever possible it is suggested that aluminum branch circuit wiring should be replaced with copper. Aluminum branch circuit wiring was a popular widespread method however it is now becoming apparent that it has flaws. Aluminum is prone to breakage due to improper stripping of the wires and over-tightening of splices among other variables. Most insurance companies will ask to have the aluminum wiring replaced with copper or be inspected and certified by a licensed electrician.

Some symptoms of aluminum wiring problems:

  • Flickering lights
  • Plugs do not work
  • Circuit breakers or fuses that trip
  • A strange odor may appear, almost like the smell of burning plastic
  • Smoke or sparks around electrical devices

We are certified electricians and can diagnose these symptoms and provide solutions to your problems in regards to aluminum wiring issues. Whether it is replacing or removing the cause of aluminum wiring problem, we guarantee that our service will be prompt and efficient.

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